VPN Gateway

Worldwide List

Warning: Use of this network is restricted to authorized users only. All access attempts and activities on this network are subject to being monitored, logged and audited. The network operator reserves the right to consent to valid law enforcement requests to search the network and to institute legal or disciplinary action against any misuse of the network.
NOTE FOR EMPLOYEES Next Generation VPN now available.
IT are rolling out a new improved VPN product using CISCO Anyconnect. All employees will be contacted by the end of June 2014. If you have already been notified please install and use Anyconnect instead of the links below. Contractors should continue to use the links below until notified otherwise.
Please select the closest server near you to login:
Santa Clara (https://nvgate1.nvidia.com)

Sacramento (https://nvgate3.nvidia.com)

Durham (https://nvgate4.nvidia.com)

Wuerselen (https://nvgate5.nvidia.com)

Moscow (https://nvgate6.nvidia.com)

Bangalore (https://nvgate7.nvidia.com)
Hong Kong (https://nvgate8.nvidia.com)

Shanghai (https://nvgate9.nvidia.com)

Austin (https://nvgate15.nvidia.com)

Bristol (https://nvgate17.nvidia.com)

Helsinki (CLOSED please use alternate)
For technical support, please contact NVIDIA IT Help-Desk.